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Cancer Support

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is frightening and challenging both physically and mentally. And treatment can lead to unwanted side effects that impact your quality of life. Conventional treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation often cause nausea, anxiety, hot flushes, and insomnia - all of which can be relieved by acupuncture.


I volunteer at the Fountain Centre, a charity for cancer patients and their families within the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford. Patients are referred to me to help manage their symptoms while they receive treatment, benefitting from the positive effects of acupuncture.


If you’re struggling with the side effects of cancer treatment, Acupuncture therapy will encourage the body to produce serotonin, a natural pain reliever that also promotes a sense of well-being. 


Schedule a 15-min free call to talk through how I can support you through cancer treatment to cope better with your prognosis. 

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