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I work closely with many fantastic practitioners and always seek to find the best fit and recommendation for each individual patient, but here are a few to help you on your way!


Mina De Pasquale, Integrative Counsellor (MBACP)
Website: www.minacounselling.co.uk
Email: mina@minacounselling.co.uk


Marc Muller 

Website: www.hhmetamorphosis.com

Email: marc@hhmetamorphosis.com

Herbal Medicine

Cathy Gillie, Medical Herbalist, BsC  

Email: cathygillie@ntlworld.com


Marc Muller 

Website: www.hhmetamorphosis.com

Email: marc@hhmetamorphosis.com

Lon Gibbons, Yoga and Maya Abdominal 

Website: www.longibbons.com

Email: mail@longibbons.com


Tish Dodson, Yoga teacher, Gait therapy

Lisa Smith, Yoga teacher

Jiva Health Yoga Studio 

Website: www.jivahealth.co.uk

Support Groups

Support groups are a positive way to share your experiences and to receive support from others who are also feeling some of the same emotions and experiences as you are. These groups are good for sharing coping strategies, helping its members to be more empowered and creates a sense of community. They are also groups that support the use of Acupuncture as a coping mechanism or a significant tool for helping you on the road toWellness.

We have listed below a few Sheira has found helpful in dealing with a few common issues.

Smoking cessation

Quitza - quitting smoking with Acupuncture