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Covid Guidelines for Clinic visits

To ensure your safety I have had to implement a few changes in clinic in line with our updated clinical guidelines. These changes are for everyone's safety.

Please read the guidelines ahead of your appointment 

1. The online booking system is temporarily suspended. All appointments will need to be booked directly with me, Sheira. Appointments are limited due to the necessity to clean the room between patients and to allow sufficient time between appointments to ensure there is sufficient air flow in the clinic. 

2. If you are in discussion with me about a suitable appointment time and you haven't received your email appointment please send me a message as the space may have been filled in the duration or I haven't seen your message. Please do not come to clinic if you do not have an email appointment. 

3. There will be a gap between appointment times to give me time to wipe down all surfaces in between patients. It would be appreciated if you arrive at the time of your appointment - not earlier or later. This will help ensure I am on time for all my appointments.

4. If you are early I do not have waiting room facilities, you will need to wait downstairs until I am ready for you


5. In your email appointment there is a link to a Health Check form, please complete and fill in the form the evening before your appointment. This is to ensure you aren't showing any signs of infection prior to our appointment. A copy will be kept in your file. You will need to complete this form before each appointment. I shall also send you a text to confirm you are feeling well the evening before. 

Consent form

If you develop a fever, or cough please cancel your appointment. Do Not Come to the clinic if you are ill. This ensures my clinic is safe for all my patients. I

6. There are no toilet facilities. Please use the loo before you arrive for your appointment.

7. I cannot provide any soft furnishing e.g. blankets or towels at this time. Please bring a blanket with you for your appointment.

8. Please remove your shoes before entering the treatment room. You can bring a pair of house slippers to change into if you don't wish to walk barefooted.

9. On entering the clinic space there will be sanitiser available for you to use before your treatment.

10. There will be a tray for your to leave your keys, phone etc. And hooks for your to hang any clothing you remove. Please don't put any items on any surface not designated for personal items. 

11. Please wear a mask for the entire duration of your appointment. If you do not have one I have masks available, there will be a surcharge of £1.

12. A £2 surcharge for PPE equipment has be added to all appointments. If you have paid for a package would you please pay a £2 PPE fee at time of your appointment or via bank transfer before your appointment.

13. You can pay via bank transfer before your appointment or in cash or check. The card machine is temporarily unavailable. Please let me know if you when you have made the payment via bank transfer  

Account details - Name: S Chan  Account - 676 508 72. Sort Code - 60 15 30

Thank you for your understanding and patience. All of the changes are to ensure your safety and the safety of all my patients. 

I look forward to seeing you in clinic.

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