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Cold and Flu Buster - room and body spray - 2oz

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"These days I set up my patient with the needles etc. and remind them to let go and release into a restful healing state while I spray this refreshing energy cleanser around the room. If I ever forget the patient usually reminds me before I walk out the door: “Aren’t you gonna spray the spray?” :)

I also make a ritual of spraying myself down every evening after the last patient has left.. while I do a visualization about grounding and cleansing my energy"



Arm yourself with nature's shield this cold and flu season! 


A Bright and Fierce blend of anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-mold and mildew, anti-parasitic (and anti-bad-juju in general!!) essential oils and colloidal silver.


*A small but powerful chunk of raw blue calcite is added to each bottle for its purifying qualities, it is thought to clear the energy in a space, clean out stored negative energy in a room or body, soothe the nerves, absorb emotional energy, filter it and return positive, healing energy back. It also has a focus on the throat chakra, making it especially useful for early stages of immune defense in colds/flus.


Mist yourself with protection before and after mingling with other humans and environments. Spray your bed, pillow, car, and room or use to wipe down doorknobs, steering wheels, your phone case etc....






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