Deluxe Moxa kit

This is our deluxe moxa kit for the true moxa enthusiast.  It contains a variety of moxa perfect for experimenting. 


This is the perfect kit for someone who is doing moxa on a regular basis - Cancer patients, boosting immune system, anaemia, pain management and is looking to experiment further with different types of moxa and  application techniques 


The kit contains - 1 moxa holder, moxa extinguisher,  2 each smokeless moxa sticks and pure moxa sticks (smoky) and 6 stick on moxa, instruction manual.


Some of the moxa in this kit is smoky moxa and will produce a smell and smoke when lit.


You should experience gentle warmth while using moxa. If the heat is too much or is uncomfortable remove immediately and discard safely. If the stick is still lit you can extinguish by submerging in a glass of water.


Please be careful lit moxa can burn if touched. Do not touch a lit stick directly. 

It can be a fire risk if left burning unattended.

Deluxe Moxa kit

  • If you are unsure if this product is suitable for you please speak with Sheira she is always happy to help you select the right product for your needs.