Magic Relief Liniment

Magic Relief Liniment

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"When my nephew chipped his fibula I gave him this liniment to apply. He loved it! He found it worked well for his pain, healing time was quick and he continues to use it for his various aches and pains following his martial arts sessions"





This Magic Liniment is made from a highly effective Chinese Medicine herbal formula for healing and repairing bones.


Kelly who makes this liniment shares this personal story - ***HUO XUE SAN was a lifesaver to me when I broke both arms 3 years ago, on the advice of a fellow acupuncturist/herbalist friend who shared with me her source for the best powder, I applied it as a paste with honey before wrapping my elbows before bed every night (with assistance of course) and my bones healed almost too fast! Ever since I have made a liniment for my own use and in clinic with patients, adding some of my favorite pain-relieving/anti-inflammatory herbs.***


2oz glass bottle with spray top - (pressed and bottled during the Autumn Equinox-Harvest moon)


Ingredients - HUO XUE ZHI TONG powder (qiang huo, bai zhi, tu fu ling, wei ling xian, wu jia pi, chuan lian zi, jiang huang, hong hua, ru xiang, chuan nie xi, su mu, dang gui, hua ciao, tou gu cao), organic comfrey, organic arnica, organic st. johns wort, PLUS wild-harvested sang zhi (spring harvested in New Paltz, NY)


infused for 2 months in gluten-free vodka


not for use on open wounds, in pregnancy or cancer care, or on children under 5yo


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