Moxa kit - stick on moxa

This is our simplest moxa kit. Perfect for quick moxa application, requiring minimal effort and quick results.


This is a smoky moxa and will produce a smell and smoke when lit.


Easy application, after lighting, remove sticky backing an apply to Acupuncture point.  


You will experience gentle warmth. If the heat is too much or uncomfortable remove immediately and discard safely. If the stick is still lit you can extinguish by submerging in a glass of water.


Please be careful lit moxa can burn if touched.  It can be a fire risk if left burning unattended. 

Moxa kit - stick on moxa

  • Moxa when lit can be a fire hazard if proper precautions aren't observed. Please use the same care as you would for a candle or open flame.

    1. When finished ensure moxa is properly extinguished by sumberging in a glass of water.

    2. Do not touch lit moxa stick directly. If unsure if the stick is lit gently blow on the stick and you should see a glow. Or hover your hand above the stick you should feel the warmth if it is lit.

    3. Do not use on areas where you have reduced sensation. Moxa can burn and you may not be able to feel it.

    4. If you are unsure of moxa is appropriate for you please contact Sheira for advice.

    5. Do not leave unattended as lit stick may tip over burning furnishings or causing a fire.

    6. Ensure adequate ventilation as moxa can produce some smoke.

    Contact Sheira if you have any questions.