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Cupping, Gua Sha and Moxibustion


Localised pain, tension or stiffness can put life on hold, and sometimes Western medicine

can’t restore mobility fully without invasive procedures. Cupping can speed up the healing process by releasing toxins in the body quickly, providing immediate relief.


Cupping is like a massage from the inside out. The flame in a glass cup produces a vacuum that is placed on the body to draw up the skin, increasing circulation in the area, restoring blood flow and relaxing the muscles. Red marks left behind by the cups are not bruising, but the result of impurities and tension leaving the body, and soon disappear. Cupping also targets Acupuncture points for additional stimulation.  Many sufferers who’ve been unable to continue their normal activities, including training after sporting injuries, have found enormous improvements through Cupping.

For instant relief from painful injuries, or even cold or flu symptoms that haven’t responded to mainstream treatments, schedule a free 15 min call today.

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