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Pregnant woman with acupuncture

Acupuncture for Pregnancy and Birth

'Traditionally pregnant women were treated as if they were the finest pieces of jade throughout their pregnancy.  The advice included - 'her sleeping place should be peaceful and quiet, she must not be exposed to fear or harm,  eat barley and drink exquisite and throughly cooked things and fancy sour broths. Avoid raw and pungent foods  and be waited on by handsome servants.'



Safe and Effective Therapy

Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting times of your life. But it can also take a huge
physical toll on your body, bringing unwelcome symptoms like nausea, high blood pressure,
ligament pain and insomnia. Whether you’re planning a natural birth or C-section, Acupuncture
during pregnancy is a proven, safe and effective therapy. It can ease pregnancy-related
ailments, stress and anxiety, allowing you to take control and feel confident as your body

Acupuncture in pregnancy can have a positive effect on your body in a variety of ways. As well
as easing any ailments you might experience, it can also prepare you for a smooth birth. From
35 weeks, I use pregnancy Acupuncture points to stimulate the production of oxytocin. This
calms anxiety, softens the cervix, and can promote an easier birth and quick recovery from

Occasionally, a baby may be in a breech position. Using moxibustion technique I’ll try to turn the baby:
studies have shown it has a 75.4% success rate.

Acupuncture helps prepare your body for birth and reduces the risk of medical intervention. My
Childbirth Package includes a series of tailored treatments, including a workshop where you and
your birthing partner will learn the best acupressure points to help manage pain and
promote labour. We’ll also discuss post-birth techniques to support your recovery.

Ready to explore acupuncture in pregnancy? Schedule a free 15-minute call today and find out
how acupuncture can boost your

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