Pregnancy and Childbirth

'Traditionally pregnant women were treated as if they were the finest pieces of jade throughout their pregnancy. 

The advice included - 'her sleeping place should be peaceful and quiet, she must not be exposed to fear or harm, 

eat barley and drink exquisite and throughly cooked things and fancy sour broths. Avoid raw and pungent foods 

and be waited on by handsome servants.'


Acupuncture can help prepare you and your body for pregnancy. We can forget the physical toll this wonderful period can have on our bodies and we are not always prepared for the physical change. Therapy choices during this period are limited due to possible interactions with your baby or risk factors associated with some therapies. Acupuncture is a proven, safe and effective therapy that can help with many of the aliments and aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Our patients are constantly surprised at how relaxing and nourishing an acupuncture treatment can feel. Common issues such as varicose veins, nausea, high blood pressure, hay-fever, ligament pain, heartburn, insomnia can arise during this period Acupuncture can help alleviate many of the symptoms.

Birth Preparation

35 weeks is the optimal time to start thinking about preparing for your birth. Whether you are considering a natural birth or will be having a c-section Acupuncture can help to prepare your body. It helps stimulates the production of oxytocin for an easier birth, helps you to recover faster from the anaesthetic, softens the cervix and calms anxiety.

If you would like to optimise your birth experience Sheira has a Childbirth package which includes a series of treatments to help prepare your body and an Acupressure workshop for you and your birthing partner to teach you both Acupuncture points that help manage pain and promote labour. We will also discuss some post birth techniques you can do for yourself to help you recuperate faster.

Breech Presentation

If the baby is breech, where there are no contraindications, between 34-36 weeks a treatment using a herb called Moxa can be used to try and turn the baby. The herb is burnt over a specific point on the toes (it does not touch the skin!) which in turn stimulates the baby to turn. Studies show this method to have a 75.4% success rate.

Acupressure for Labour workshop

This workshop is a great way to involve your birthing partner with skills that they can actively use during birth. For some men having something physical to do can help them to become more actively involved. It is also a tool that has been proven to help manage pain.