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N Clarke, Entrepreneur, London, UK

I have a range of fairly difficult to treat health conditions that affect my immune and muscular systems, the latter causing considerable pain, discomfort and reduction in quality of life. The NHS put their hands up to not really understanding auto-immune issues and the treatment options offered were limited and ineffectual. An internet search or two showed people around the world in the same boat getting relief and healing from Acupuncture. However, not all practitioners are created equal I soon found and I was initially very disappointed with the results and had little faith in their understanding of a complex condition. On my first visit to meet Sheira, she spent much more time asking intelligent questions, gaining a more in-depth understanding my problems. She demonstrated a much deeper understanding of both Chinese medicine and Acupuncture along with the presenting condition. Which gave me much more confidence in her ability from the initial consultation, than others had after many weeks. Within three weeks I started to experience less muscle pain and cramping, which after several years of little improvement is a great relief. And I’m quite sure I will continue to seek treatment from Sheira on a regular basis. 

In addition to the crucial question over training and skill sets, Sheira is very pleasant, chilled out and easy to deal with. She shows a genuine desire to help and is clearly passion about her work. For all these reasons, I can recommend her without hesitation if you’re considering this modality of treatment. And I’d go one step further to say, if you’re on the fence about it, I can highly advice you give acupuncture a go. 

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