Mental Health

Acupuncture for Mental Health.

For some clients they can notice after a major life transition - divorce, parenthood, bereavement, illness, relocation, burnout - they begin to experience episodes of anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia needing extra support while they acclimatise to the changes. 5 Element Acupuncture can offer support while you are finding your balance. 

For others, they may have recently been diagnosed or have a condition for many years and are looking at alternatives for medication or wanting to decrease their medication dosages. Acupuncture is an excellent supportive adjunct therapy if you want to explore alternatives to medication or looking for a support.

therapy while you work to decrease your medication dosage. In some cases if you need to be on medication long term whilst Acupuncture can in some cases help reduce your medication,

You may wish to note if you have a longterm condition and wish to use Acupuncture to help, you are replacing one type of treatment for another therefore will require long term, ongoing Acupuncture sessions. 

Sheira can help with anxiety, panic attacks, long term stress, burnout, depression.