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Practitioner in yoga post on beach, relaxed and calm. Yoga tree pose

Acupuncture and Mental Health

Life is stressful.  If you’ve been through a major transition like bereavement, divorce, relocation, or just general burnout, you’ll probably need help to regain your balance. Or you may have had mental health struggles for several years and want to explore alternatives to medication - or simply decrease your dosage.

5 Element Acupuncture can restore a feeling of normality and control, by treating the body as a whole and balancing emotions. I provide support throughout as you adjust to your new situation or attempt to reduce medication. 


If worry and anxiety are overwhelming you, Acupuncture can regulate your mood and boost overall feelings of well-being. Panic attacks, anxiety, and long term stress are particularly responsive to this holistic approach and there are no adverse effects.


Acupuncture for stress and anxiety can be life changing. Don’t deal with mental health problems alone, Schedule a 15-min call today to discuss how I can support you. 

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