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2024 is the year of the Yang Wood Dragon

image of Chinese dragon
Year of Yang Wood Dragon

This year the energy of Yang Wood sits on top of the Dragon which is an Earth element. What this means is that it is a Wood year conquering Earth. According to the cycle of birth and destruction, if the two elements are in the destructive cycle and have a conquering relationship, then the year will have more conflict and less harmony.

2024 is the Year of the Yang Wood dragon


The Yang Wood element represents a character who is stubborn and sticks to their principles. Often described as head strong and one who doesn’t find it easy to compromise. The emotions of Wood are irritation and anger hence increasing the chance for confrontation and a strong tendency to fight. To counter these instinctive reactions, we need to practice compassion. Compassion is the antidote to Anger.


The Wood element represents action, accomplishment, physical activity, change, and passion. Yang energy is all about movement, action, daytime, sun, male, moving forward. This accentuates the Dragon year’s Wood nature (Wood element is predominately yang) and sets the stage for a more active Dragon year.


Dragons are an Earth element. Earth provides a stable and nurturing environment for Wood to grow, but if Wood is too strong it can deplete Earth. If Earth is weakened, then Wood does not have a healthy environment to thrive.


Dragons symbolise connection, transformation and freedom. Combined with Wood element this is a driven year, pioneering new challenges and breaking ground. The combination of Yang Wood means this is an excellent year to work on your goals, gain that forward momentum you need to achieve your ambitions. However, Dragons tend to give up on things quickly when encountering resistance in their work. It is important to listen to others and consider all the options before moving forward. Weigh all the possibilities and make informed, mindful decisions to avoid getting caught in a funk which can lead to arguments and self-sabotage. But be aware, Earth feeds Wood, too much forward momentum can erode Earth. Supporting your Earth will help Wood soar.


Dragons can be emotional, critical, and unhappy. They possess active imaginations which help them to navigate life. They change their minds often, work on cultivating patience. It is about being discerning and choosing a direction. Do not get swept away in all directions. Nourishing your Earth will ground you so you can weigh your decisions wisely.


The organs linked to the Earth element are the Stomach and Spleen which can be affected by emotions, especially anger/frustration. These emotions relate to Wood and since this is a Wood Dragon year there can be more irritation and aggression and stomach upsets.

Yang Wood Dragon Chinese New year 2024
Chinese Dragon


Nourishing Earth

Nourish Earth by ensuring your mealtimes are regular. The Stomach loves regularity. Try to just eat, don’t multitask. Avoid sitting in front of a computer while you eat and giving yourself time to allow your meals to digest.


Increase the fresh green veggies, soybeans, and black beans in your diet. Try and eat more sour and fermented foods into your diet – sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles.  Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per day to veggies or warm water for an easy way to add sour into your diet.

Add more fish and bone broth into your diet.


The Stomach is at its strongest in Chinese Medicine between 7 am to 9 am, breakfast time. This should ideally be your most substantial meal of the day. The Earth nature of the Dragon enhances digestion, and you can build a stronger digestive system by observing earth activities like baking.


Activities - Spend time in nature aka earth – forest bathing is a good activity to ground yourself which can give clarity and help you to be discerning when picking your goals for this year.


Meditations on Mother Earth are another good way to tap into the energy and stability of earth.


Socialising, hosting a gathering, and hugging your friends and loved ones will all strengthen your Earth energy.

Play boosts Fire element which in turn feeds Earth. Embrace your creative side, learning something that you enjoy brings Joy, which is the emotion of Fire. Dragons are creative, finding an outlet for your creative side is a good way to feed your Fire.


Exercise and sleep: Dragons are said to require at least 30 minutes of exercise several times a week. It could be anything - a cardio workout, yoga, qigong, or simply walking in a forest or park.


Movement helps soothe the Liver (Wood element) which reduces irritation and prevents Wood from overacting on Earth. When your liver qi is constrained from sitting all day, or holding your temper or irritation in, your digestive system suffers. Also, the Wood element can exhaust the Water energy (kidneys) if you’re too active and driven. Easy to do in a Yang Wood year. Look at my blog on Wood and Liver to learn ways to manage your Liver energy


It is important to ensure you have a routine for mealtimes and sleeping. Adequate rest is essential to ensure you don’t exhaust yourself. Establish a regular waking time, love your routines they will help to support Earth and all the elements.

Pull the metaphorical weeds out of your internal garden to allow room for your energy to flow freely and harmoniously. The Wood element often focuses on the past and holds on to old hurts. Release these to create space in the body so you can soar like a dragon. Shaking qigong is wonderful at any time. Moving the body frees any internal blockages of qi and blood to facilitate a smooth Liver.


Relationships: Earth is about community, family and gathering together.

Romance and passion are prevalent but so is irritation. We can use the energy of 2024 to build deeper relationships with our loved ones. But arguments can happen. This is why it is important to be compassionate and patient when dealing with loved ones. Speak mindfully when communicating.


Good luck charm for 2024 Year of Yang Wood Dragon
Rooster Chinese new year 2024

Good Luck Charm

For those animals in Chinese zodiac who face challenges this year – rabbit, dragon, dog - they can benefit from a rooster charm. To navigate challenges, carry or wear a rooster charm. This charm can be an amulet, a small stone carving, a miniature wood statue, or for those who live with live rooster.  Spend more time with your pet. Anyone can utilise a rooster charm to boost their luck.



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