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Autumn - Turning leaves, colder winds and warmer foods.....and the season of the Metal element

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Autumn and Metal Element
Photo by Paul Trienekens on Unsplash

Nature prepares and the leaves start to change. It is time of harvest, of collecting and appreciating the bounty our 'planting' in Spring has produced.

As we move from external, expansive nature of summer to the more internal, introspective side of autumn. It is a good time to start cultivating activities that take you inward like mindfulness or meditation.

Autumn is the season of the Metal element and the Lungs. The emotions are Grief and Respect! And the other side of these emotions are about letting go of things and thoughts that are holding you back. A good way let go of unnecessary thoughts is by exhaling through our lungs and letting go.

The lungs are the "tender organ" and are especially susceptible to wind and cold. As the weather gets cooler and damper we are more prone to illness. Warming the interior of the body and reducing cooling foods can help us deal better with the transition from

the heat of Summer to coolness of Autumn.

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